How to Write a Statement of purpose

How to Write a Statement of purpose for University Admission Sample 2022

Statement of purpose

Are you want to write a Statement of purpose for your Study admission in the USA, UK, Canada etc. This is the perfect sample how to write a Statement of purpose for your University admission.

We don’t grow when things are simple; we develop when we face difficulties.” This statement from an unknown individual addresses me and inspires me. Turning into a specialist in the International Marketing sector has consistently been my dream since my undergrad. Therefore, becoming a Marketing and Business analyst, ideally in Bangladesh, is my definitive goal.

At National University, my Marketing courses charmed my advantage the most. Specifically, the themes identified with market analysis, the study of International Marketing and Marketing Consultant, corporate communication areas drew in me and arose as my top choices. Therefore, I have applied to the IGlobal University (IGU) for admission to MSc in MA Business Communication for International Leadership.

By the way, I am always captivated in the marketing sector, business economics, international business and communication, and leadership area. My passion and interest pushed me to attend national and international seminars, symposiums, and conferences to learn in-depth in my area of interest. At the same time, I was a focused student since high school, and I have completed BBA in Marketing with a CGPA of 3.12 of 4.00 in 2019. In addition, I can communicate in English fluently, orally and verbally. I have met some foundation and advanced courses with good grades related to my area of interest.

Moreover, I am keen on extracurricular activities like attending new student orientation, senior student farewell, debating, and others activities. However, I started my early career in 2018 as a Customer Care Executive, Great wall Engineering Construction Limited and worked almost two years over there until May 2020. The time was precious, and I worked with clients to give helpful information and customer service efficiently.

Then I switched my job as Marketing Officer at Sinotech Infrastructure Development Company in 2020. And I have been working there with marketing strategies, making a new business proposal, obtaining market and company demand, and achieving sales targets. All the companies’ job experience and transition gave me ample skills and knowledge about marketing policy, financial growth, team management, leadership, etc. Those will help me cope with academic standards and research in the MSc in MA Business Communication for International Leadership at the IGlobal University (IGU)

A better career can only be built by the firm foundation of a good university. USA universities are widely accepted across the globe because of their unique study structure and teaching methods. Also, the USA is a hub of innovation and making successful graduates for a fast-growing market worldwide. All these facilities and degrees demands are attracting many international students like me to pursue graduate degrees in the USA.

After completing BBA in Marketing, a passion has developed towards the International Marketing, Management, and Financial sector in my country; I decided to pursue my MSc in MA Business Communication for International Leadership at the IGlobal University (IGU), USA. The department has the most comprehensive courses that I find essential for my future careers like Strategic Marketing Planning, Marketing Analytics, Global Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, etc.

Moreover, the program curriculum has also been designed to meet top-notch international standards and provide opportunities for becoming sound in theoretical and practically in my desired area, like thinking critically, evaluating marketing sector-major concerns, and giving essential suggestions for better service to the company. As a whole, I will understand our Global Marketing and Communication sector’s real scenario, develop a persuasive outline for companies, and convey a better way to progress in our country.

Thus, if I get admission to MSc in MA Business Communication for International Leadership, I will gain fundamental knowledge, skills, and competence to make a successful career in the future. The IGlobal University (IGU) is one of the renowned universities of the USA with significantly international, multilingual, and interdisciplinary study facilities and qualities. The university has emphasized research and teaching relevant to the USA, Europe, and around the world. My initial objective is to get an MSc in MA Business Communication for International Leadership from the IGlobal University (IGU), with my future goal in mind. 

I have had a precious career plan since I earned my Bachelor’s Degree. After completing my MSc in MA Business Communication for International Leadership, I want to return to my country and spread my knowledge and experience to my country’s Marketing and financial sector. I firmly believe that getting an MSc from USA University will open up new lines for my future career.

My perseverance, open-mindedness, and work ethic will drive me to learn every day; my curiosity will push me to answer questions. I am ready for academia’s demands and ready to strive for a long and fulfilling career. I am firmly confident that I will make a positive contribution to the ongoing project on the Marketing discipline at the IGlobal University (IGU). My ever cherished dream is to pursue higher education in a good USA university like the IGlobal University (IGU).

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