Amazing tips and tricks How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos | The Ultimate Guide in 2021

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

This is a complete guide How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos from YouTube. Learn how we Watch Deleted YouTube Videos in this article

YouTube is the second most popular site on the internet and it also has the most videos. So, we can assume that YouTube videos are an important part of our lives. But what if we want to watch a video that was deleted from YouTube? We know how much it sucks to not be able to view a video and there’s nothing more disappointing than thinking you’re going to watch a great movie only to find out it’s been taken down.

This article will teach you how you can watch deleted YouTube videos. It will also give you some tips on how to download them as well as how you can download them for free.

What is a deleted YouTube video?

Deleted videos on YouTube are videos that have been removed for a number of reasons. Deleted videos may have been removed for copyright infringement, inappropriate content, nudity or threats to public safety. Many videos are taken down by YouTube for violations of community guidelines. There are also some videos that were removed from the main YouTube page and are no longer available for public viewing.

How to Download YouTube Videos The easiest way to download YouTube videos is to search on YouTube for them using the extension. This will allow you to download a file of the video instead of having to watch the video and then download the file. This extension is available on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

How to download a deleted YouTube video

YouTube’s video downloading feature allows users to download videos. For this to be possible, a YouTube video needs to have a thumbnail or a cover image. The downloaded YouTube video will have no play button, no controls, and you won’t be able to play it in your browser. How to view deleted YouTube videos If you find a video that’s been taken down, you can view it with the help of this guide.

Just click the download button and select a file format. You can also search for deleted videos in the help menu. It is possible to download YouTube videos but if you want to download a specific file format, then you need to search for the format using YouTube’s search. Note: If you download a video, the quality will not be high.

Download from the internet

How to download deleted YouTube videos: Download videos from YouTube using internet uploaders. YouTube has no solution to this problem, however, these videos can be downloaded from video uploading services. In order to do this, you can download the files from Vimeo, DailyMotion, or another video uploading site.

Or, you can use software like the popular VLC Media Player. How to watch deleted YouTube videos: If you want to watch deleted YouTube videos, you can do so from sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Metacafe. How to download deleted YouTube videos: There’s also a way to download videos from YouTube through software like MediaFire.

Download with a program

To download a deleted YouTube video, just open up Google Chrome and go to YouTube. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on the magnifying glass and select “Add to Home Screen”. A search box will pop up, so type in the name of the video you want to download. Click “More actions” and a menu will come up.

This menu allows you to choose the program you want to download the video from. Click “Download Video” and you’re all set. Replay it in any browser To replay deleted YouTube videos, first, you have to download the YouTube Player and install it in a different web browser. Once the player is installed and installed, open it and click on the video you want to watch. Once the video is playing, select the gear icon and choose the Advanced Tab. Click on the Redeem button.

How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

Before we dive into the details of how to find deleted videos, we need to answer two basic questions: how to download YouTube videos for free and how to get copies of deleted videos that aren’t taken down. How to download YouTube Videos for Free When we download a video from YouTube, we’re downloading the .MP4 file from the video page.

If the video is deleted, it will be a URL, not a file. So, to download the video to our computer, you need to find the URL first. If the URL is, it will not be deleted. If it’s, then the video will be deleted. Another useful tip is to use Chrome (as shown below). It’s the best browser for downloading videos from YouTube. Here’s a full list of the best browsers.

How to save a YouTube video that is about to be deleted

You can easily save deleted YouTube videos, all you need to do is to make sure that you have the link of the video stored on your computer. This way, when you see a video that has been removed, you can save it. In case you want to make sure that the video isn’t in a format that YouTube will not allow you to view, you can use a program like YouTube Downloader to download it.

How to download YouTube videos The simplest way to download a YouTube video is to go to YouTube’s download page, scroll to the right-hand side, select Download instead of Upload. The upload will save the video to your computer. Then, simply click on the file that you want and it will be automatically converted into a .mp4 video. There are many websites like Mashable Video where you can download YouTube videos for free.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Easily

If the video was removed by a copyright owner or an uploader who does not want others to see his/her content, then he/she can delete the video from their channel. In this case, we will no longer be able to view the video on our computer screen. However, if the video was taken down due to some other reasons such as low views, inappropriate comments, etc., then there are chances of us being able to access the video again in future.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Through Easy Ways

If you want to get back those deleted videos from YouTube, then there are some easy ways for you to do so. The first thing you need to do is visit the official website of YouTube. Then click “My Account” at the top right corner. Afterward, go to “Your Content & Devices”. There, you should see all the information related with your account including the list of uploaded videos. If you want to delete any video, just select it and press “Delete Video.” Now,

Steps to Find YouTube Deleted Video

If you want to get back the deleted video, follow our steps below. We hope that after reading them, you’ll never lose another video ever again!

1. Go to Google Search bar and type “youtube” + keyword. This step will help you to find out all the relevant results.

2. Click on the first link that appears at the top of the page. Then click on the second tab called Related Videos.

4. Click Browse History

4. Paste the URL After copying the URL, paste it to the search box. Then click “search”. This process may take some minutes depending on the speed of Internet connection. Once done, you’ll receive the results.

5. Check out the results As soon as you finish entering the URL, you’ll see the results. Scroll down until you find the video you’re looking for.

6. Enjoy! Finally, enjoy the video you’ve missed.

How do I find the video?

If you don’t know the URL deleted videos, you can find in your watch history or on your “Liked Videos” playlist.

What is YouTube’s Content Review?

When someone flags a video or a channel and reports to YouTube, this platform will review along with their guidelines and age-restricted policy.

What are the issues?

The common issues are related to the original copyright and trademark.

What if YouTube rejected my video?

If you see the message “Video removed: Inappropriate content” on your result, then that video has been rejected due to YouTube’s Terms of Use.

How to recover video from deleted?

If you want to get it back, you can recover or download it again.

Part 1: Watch Deleted YouTube Videos with a URL

If your favorite YouTube video was removed by its owner, then you can still view them using their URLs. This method works best if you have an active Internet connection as well as a web browser on hand. Here’s how to do it.

Part 2: Watch Deleted YouTube Videos without a URL

The second method involves downloading an app called “YouTube Downloader”. It allows users to save their favourite YouTube videos offline and then view them later when they don’t have Internet connection. In addition, it also lets you convert downloaded videos to other formats such as MP3, AVI, MOV, etc.

To use this tool, first install the application by following these instructions.

Watch Youtube Deleted or Private Videos.

The WayBack Machine is an online service provided by Internet Archive. It allows us to see old versions of websites like facebook, twitter etc. The way back machine also has a feature called “Way Back” where you can go back in time and view any website from its first version till today. This means that you can use the way back machine to find out when was your favorite youtube video uploaded? Or maybe you have some other questions regarding youtube so here I am with my answer.

 Watch Youtube Private or Deleted Video on

Now open up the WayBack Machine in your browser. It will ask you to sign into your account with Google. If you have an account already then go ahead otherwise create one first. Once signed in click on “Way Back” button at top right corner. Now enter the url of the youtube video which you want to see.

An Alternate Way to Watch Youtube Deleted Video if Doesn’t Work

If you’re unable to use the way back machine method because there isn’t any archived version of the video available on then you can try another alternate method. This will require some technical knowledge so I’m going to give an explanation with screenshots. If you still aren’t able to understand then please leave a comment below.

Go to and sign up for free.

How to find the link of deleted or private YouTube video?

You can get the link of the video from your youtube watch history, if you liked that video then you can get the link of the video from your liked video.

Can I watch deleted YouTube videos?

But there is an alternate to watch deleted youtube videos.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Online

If you want to see what happened with your favorite video before it was taken down from YouTube, then there’s nothing better than using an online tool called “YouTube Video Viewer Pro”. This software allows users to view any type of file including audio files, images, movies or even documents. It also has some other features like downloading, converting, editing etc.

The best part is that this program doesn’t require installation as it runs directly through your web browser.

Step 1. Find the URL/link of the deleted YouTube video.

You will need to find the link or URL of the deleted YouTube video which has been taken down from YouTube. You may use any search engine like Google, Bing etc., but make sure that your query should contain “YouTube” keyword along with the name of the channel where the video was uploaded.

How to Watch YouTube Videos?

One of the easiest ways to watch deleted YouTube videos would be to access the Wayback Machine.

How do I find the deleted video?

The deleted video’s link can be found in either of the following: Liked videos containing all the videos liked by you. Any playlist created or followed by you.

Can You Watch YouTube Videos?

Yes, you can watch deleted YouTube videos!

How to find YouTube videos?

It will display years and dates on which the page was crawled Check the Link and Find the YouTube Videos

How to watch removed YouTube videos

1. Use Google Chrome browser extension

Google has its own tool called Data Saver which allows users to save their favorite content from websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., in case they want to view them offline. The same feature works perfectly fine for YouTube too. It will allow you to download any video clip you have watched online. However, before using this option, make sure you have enabled the setting first.

How to access a deleted YouTube video?

One of the most efficient ways to access a deleted YouTube video is the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

How to recover YouTube videos?

As described in the previous method, you can always recover deleted YouTube videos if you have the URL of your old video.

How to Recover YouTube Videos?

But somehow, if these solutions don’t serve you well, you can use data recovery software to see deleted YouTube videos.

What is Recoverit Data Recovery software?

Download | Mac The software has the maximum success rate and recovers all types of video formats, including AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, 3GP, FLV, and more.

How to watch YouTube videos?

To watch any video on YouTube, all you need to do is click on the play icon.

What are the features of YouTube?

You can subscribe to favorite channels, see your friend’s videos, and check out featured videos, among many other things.

How to restore deleted videos?

If nothing works out to restore the deleted videos, you can always contact YouTube support care.

How to get Creators Support?

Step 2: Tap on “Need more help” and select “Get Creators Support”.


It’s a bit of a complex process but once you’ve successfully retrieved deleted videos you will feel like a pro. So, if you want to watch deleted videos that were found after years on YouTube, follow this step-by-step guide: Do you know other ways of downloading deleted YouTube videos? Please share them with us in the comments.

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