Secret tips How to Turn Off Voicemail on an iPhone | The Easiest Way To Get Rid of Voicemail in 2022

How to Turn Off Voicemail on an iPhone

This is a complete guide How to Turn Off Voicemail on an iPhone. learn How to Turn Off Voicemail on an iPhone in this depth post

Voicemail is a great way to leave messages when you can’t answer your phone. But, it’s also annoying and time-consuming when the person receiving the voicemail has to listen to your entire message and then call you back. Voicemail is also not recommended for use on the iPhone because it eats up battery life quickly. The best way to get rid of voicemail on your iPhone is by turning off voicemail altogether. Here are some easy steps on how to turn off voicmail on an iPhone.

Turning off voicemail on an iPhone

Press the phone icon on your device’s home screen and then hit the menu icon to show more menu items. In the menu options, you will see “Settings.” Then, look for “Phone.” At the bottom of the page, under the “Audio & Video” section, look for the check box for “Do Not Disturb.” Then, select the desired time to turn off your iPhone’s voicemail. The box to check will be either one hour, one week, or one month. Hit the “Save Changes” button. Once you have turned off voicemail, you will no longer receive voicemail.

Deleting messages on an iPhone

Go to “Phone” Find the voicemail that is stored on your phone Press the green voicemail button A message will appear asking if you would like to delete the voicemail or to delete the entire voicemail Tap the delete button. How to delete messages saved in iCloud Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud Find the voicemail that is stored on your iPhone.

Tap the green voicemail button A message will appear asking if you would like to delete the voicemail or to delete the entire voicemail Tap the delete button. A note to Android users: If you are on an Android, you will have to Google how to delete voicemail on an iPhone. I hope that helps! What’s the Best Way to Use Facebook Groups and Events?

Changing your voicemail number

The first step in turning off voicemail is changing your voicemail number. Many people don’t realize they have to change their voicemail number each and every time they change their phone number. Changing your number automatically deletes all of your old voicemails too, so this is really a two-step process. For starters, tap Settings > Phone and scroll down to Voicemail. You can change your new voicemail number here if you’re a new iPhone user, or you can continue on to Change Cellular Numbers.

This is where you change your existing voicemail number to your current one. Scroll down to it, tap OK, and tap Done. To see the voicemail you have on your iPhone right now, tap the Ear icon to bring up the Voicemail page, and then tap the Phone button at the top right of the screen.

Setting up voice messages

The first step to deleting voicemail on your iPhone is to make sure that you have set up voicemail on your iPhone. To set up voicemail, open the Phone app. From the My iPhone screen, swipe from left to right to bring up the menu, then choose Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Scroll down until you see ‘Sound’, and tap on it to bring up the list of available sounds and tapping on one will reveal the required code.

You can then tap the trash can icon to mark your selection and save that code to the phone. Delete voicemail on an iPhone Once you’ve set up voicemail on your iPhone, you can access it by swiping down from the top of the screen, then selecting ‘Phone’. Go to the voicemail screen by tapping the three-dot menu icon and choose ‘Voicemail’.

How to set up voicemail on an iPhone

Setting up voicemail on the iPhone is a fairly simple process. First, open up your contacts and find the contact for the person you want to turn off voicemail for. Then, tap the “i” icon, and select “Voicemail.” Next, go to your phone’s settings and toggle on “Voicemail on Tap.” This will allow the iPhone to automatically check your voicemail once a day.

You can also add this action to the lock screen so that the notification of your voicemail is always present. How to turn off voicemail from the iOS Notification Center Turning off voicemail from the Notification Center is also pretty easy. Open up the Settings app and go to Notification Center. Click the toggle for “Voicemail.

How can my iPhone direct calls to voicemail for a short time without turning off the phone or the sound?

As an alternative if you still want to use data or other online services, you can forward your calls directly to the voicemail service on most carriers…

Voicemail on GSM phones works by using a standard GSM feature known as no-answer/busy forwarding, effectively forwarding your calls elsewhere when you don’t answer the phone or it’s busy. The calls are simply forwarded to another number which is your carrier’s voicemail service.

If you simply forward ALL of your calls to this number, using the standard iPhone Call Forwarding feature, then all of your calls will go straight to voicemail.

You can find this number by going into the Phone app and dialing *#67# and hitting the Call button. You should see a forwarding number listed — this is where your unanswered/busy calls get forwarded. Simply write down this number, and then go into your Call Forwarding settings (Settings, Phone, Call Forwarding) and forward your calls to this number.

As an added bonus, the iPhone will keep track of the last call forwarding number, even after you turn call forwarding off, so to re-enable this you don’t need to worry about entering the number again — simply toggle call forwarding back ON and it will use the same number you were forwarding to before.


How do I turn off the iPhone’s voicemail password?

Depending on your carrier you may not be able to turn off the PW feature but you can edit the VM access number to include a pause or wait then your PW and # (if required) so you don’t have to dial it each time.


How do I turnoff system services- general mobile data use in iPhone ios9.2?

You can’t turn off system services on an iPhone. Those, except for Personal Hotspot, are required to operate the phone. Personal Hotspot shows up in system services but it is something you turn on manually, so you’re deciding to turn that on.
Settings > cellular is where you can control which apps are allowed cellular data (i.e., Internet without wifi) by turning the toggle switches to off (white).
Turning cellular data off at the top means that visual voicemail will NOT work and you will have to use basic voicemail instead.


If I blocked a number in my iPhone, can I still call that number?

When you block a number on your phone all you are doing is silencing the ringer. No more ringing from that number.

This does not prevent the caller from leaving a voicemail. It does not really do anything except turning off the ring sound. This applies to both incoming phone calls and text messages.

It has no effect on your ability to call that number. It has no effect on that number’s ability to call you – they just hear it ring and no answer.


How do you block calls on an iPhone?

There are a few options available for blocking all the incoming calls. You can block all incoming calls via USSD codes provided by your network carrier or you can toggle with the settings app on your mobile phone.

Via USSD, the dialed codes vary depending on your network provider. It works similarly to the call barring settings where all incoming calls won’t ring. Using the service it directs all your calls to voice mail and it displays to you that so and so attempted to call you. It works well when you want all incoming calls to go to voicemail.

Via settings app, it’s a feature available in iPhones. Do Not Disturb; It will disable all incoming calls and notifications until it’s turned off or scheduled to turn off. It works well especially if you are in a meeting. All incoming calls are disabled and silenced but they are visible on your phone app. When you activate this feature, all incoming calls will be notified as busy and call cancells. The disadvantage of this is that your callers can even call ten or more than twenty times which annoys hence you will be answerable for blocking them, they will claim so.

It’s a great feature to use since it gives you an option to allow specifically selected contacts for their calls to go through even if you turn the feature on. In an iPhone Do Not Disturb mode allows customization to meet your schedule. I would urge you to open your settings app and scroll down to the Do Not Disturb mode with a purple icon looking like a( moon symbol). From there customize all your incoming calls and notifications to enjoy it more.

I am still a user of this setting.


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