How to Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription 2022

Secret Tips How to Cancel Avast Auto-Renewal Billing Subscription 2022

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How to Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription 2022

This is a complete guide How to Cancel Avast Auto-Renewal Billing Subscription. Learn how to Cancel Avast Auto-Renewal Billing Subscription in 2021 from this article

Have you been charged a renewal fee for your Avast Subscription? Avast has a subscription-based model, which means that the user will be billed every year on their renewal date. The renewal date is set at one year from the original purchase of the product. There are certain situations where you may not want to renew your Avast Subscription such as when you have found another antivirus that better suits your needs. Here, are some steps to cancel an auto-renewal for your Avast Subscription.

How to cancel auto-renewal for Avast [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

When you purchase an antivirus for your PC, it’s considered a subscription service and you need to pay your monthly payment. However, with the introduction of the subscription billing model, you do not have to pay a subscription fee every month. Instead, your account will be auto renewed automatically at the yearly deadline.

You may change your mind and decide not to renew the subscription in advance but you’ll have to take this step in advance to cancel your auto-renewal. You will be charged a yearly fee from your credit card that will be automatically debited from your account on the annual deadline.

Disputing the renewal [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

Before you proceed with the next step, it is important to make a few points clear. No.1: If you haven’t used Avast for 2 years or more, Avast cannot see your password and will not be able to extend your subscription. However, if you have used Avast for 2 years or more then you can always change your password if you want. No.2: If you have used Avast for 2 years or more but the subscription had been pre-paid, there is no need to enter a credit card number when canceling your subscription.

If the subscription was pre-paid for 2 years or more you may cancel the subscription without entering any information. It is also important to know that there will be a 100% refund of your subscription and monthly charges if you cancel within 30 days from your purchase date.

Disabling auto-renewal on your account [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

1. log in to the My Avast Account website 2. Click on Manage Account 3. Click on Activation Certificate 4. On the right-hand menu, choose Renewal 5. Choose the year of expiry you want to cancel, enter the remainder of the product license, and click Save 6. Click the big red cancel button 6. Click the Renewal option under “Your subscription.

Canceling your subscription with Avast [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

Now, how do you cancel an auto-renewal subscription? It is fairly simple. There are certain steps that you have to take, which are detailed below. 1. Go to your Account Settings. This page will ask you for your date of birth and a user name and password to verify that you are the account holder. 2. In your Account Settings, look for your number one subscription. Then click on it and you will see an email notification. 3. Open the notification email.

This will send you two emails. In the first email, you will have to validate your current subscription. Click on the link in the email and follow the instructions provided in the pop-up. 4. After that, you will receive a confirmation code in the same email which you need to send to your support team.

How to cancel auto renewal [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

In the upper left corner, click on the Manage plan button to open the Manage your plan screen. Under the Incoming bill section, click on Change plan under “For my existing subscription”. Underneath, click on the month and year that you want to cancel. If you are eligible to cancel, you will receive an e-mail alert.

If you have not been notified, please click on Confirm the cancellation request. The subscription will be suspended and you will not be billed again unless you continue to use the product. If you are not eligible to cancel, the subscription will remain active until terminated by you. What is a Renewal Deadline? Most of the time, your Avast subscription will auto-renew. This means that the renewal date will be set for one year from your first purchase date.

When will the renewal fee be charged [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

The renewal fee will be charged at the time you purchase the product from a partner site, other Avast products, or online marketplaces. You will be notified by email 30 days prior to the renewal date. Click the cancellation link to initiate the process. Are there any costs of changing my Avast Subscription? Yes, there is a cost to change your current Avast subscription.

You will be billed a fee by the system by which you changed your subscription. Is there a time limit for cancellation? Once you have initiated the process of canceling, you are permanently prevented from making changes to your Avast Subscription and the renewal fee will be charged 30 days from the last successful submission to our server. How will the termination process take place?

What is the process for canceling an Avast subscription

Open the Avast App > Click on Preferences > then click on account > Click on Manage account. If you have been automatically renewed you will be prompted to contact the support service. When you call the support service the representative will have to review all the information you have provided in the email, and also verify that you are actually a current user of the software. This is the crucial point of the discussion.

If the support service confirms that you are a current user of the software the representative will ask you to confirm the reason for cancellation, and if it is due to something personal or because the software no longer has any new features to offer. The representative will then have to read you the fine print in the Terms of Service for renewal.

FAQs on canceling an Avast Subscription

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about canceling an auto-renewal. If you are looking to cancel your auto-renewal you are in the right place. Do I need to pay before canceling my subscription? No. You do not need to pay for canceling your subscription. However, there is a discount offered if you are planning to renew in 1 year. Can I cancel my subscription on a monthly or annual basis? Anytime between 10 am and 11 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

To cancel or change the auto-renewal term, the user has to log into their account in Avast Online Security and log into the end of the term summary tab to cancel. What happens if I don’t pay the bill on time? You may be charged an additional fee. The auto-renewal fee may be as high as $9.

Canceling an Avast subscription – FAQs

1) How do I cancel my Avast subscription?

2) What happens to the license key after cancellation?

3) Can I use different antivirus software for free, if I have already paid for Avast Pro Antivirus Plus?

4) Will I be able to continue using Avast products and services without paying any fees or charges?

5) If yes, what will happen with all the licenses that are currently active on my computer?

When should I cancel my Avast subscription if I don’t want to be charged?

If you are not using the product, or have no need for it anymore, then you can simply stop paying. You will still receive all updates and security fixes as usual. If you do decide that you would like to continue your subscription after stopping payment, please follow these steps:

1) Log in to your account on

How can I cancel my Avast subscription? [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

If you purchased a license for one of our Consumer Products, please follow these steps. If you bought any other product or service from us, please refer to the instructions on that page.

2) Click “Subscriptions” under the My Subscription section. You will see all subscriptions listed there.

Will I get a refund after I cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription before its end date, we will issue a full refund within 30 days from when you canceled it. You may also request a partial refund by contacting our Customer Support team at [email protected] Please note that refunds cannot be issued for unused time remaining on a free trial period. For example, if you bought a 3-month free trial but decided to cancel it earlier than the expiration date, no refund would be available.

What happens after I cancel my subscription? [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

What happens when I cancel my subscription? Will I lose access to all features included in my subscription?

If you choose to cancel your subscription before its expiration date, you will no longer receive updates from us regarding new product releases, security alerts, etc., but you will still retain the full functionality of your existing subscription. For example, you may still enjoy protection against malware, spyware, phishing attacks, spam emails, malicious websites, online fraud, identity theft, data loss, etc.

Do I need to cancel my Avast free trial?

Can I change my payment method when purchasing a new subscription?

Yes. When you subscribe to Avast through our online store, you will see options to choose from different payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc. For example, if you pay by credit card, we automatically charge your chosen credit card every month. However, you may also opt-out of automatic payments at any point before they start. Which subscriptions can I cancel via my Avast Account?

Can I change my payment method when purchasing an Avast product?

Yes. When you buy an Avast product from our online store, you will see two options at checkout: “Pay by credit card” and “Pay by PayPal”. The first option allows you to pay through Visa/MasterCard/American Express; while the second option lets you choose between Paypal and bank transfer as your preferred payment method. For further details regarding these methods, please visit our Payment Methods page.

What if I can’t cancel a subscription via my Avast Account?

What happens when I cancel my subscription? Will I lose access to all features included in my subscription?

If you choose to cancel your subscription before its expiration date, then you will no longer have access to the product covered by your subscription. However, you may still keep using other free applications from our portfolio. For example, you could download another antivirus solution such as AVG Antivirus Premium 2018 or Bitdefender Total Security 2021.

How do I know if the product is suitable for my needs?

Refer to the information in the relevant tab below according to your purchase method:

What if I am not refunded? [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

Note: When you cancel an Avast subscription, you do not receive a refund for any time that is remaining on your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription? [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

You can cancel your subscription via the Avast Account that is linked to the email address you provided during the subscription purchase.

Can I get a refund for my subscription?

No. After you cancel an Avast subscription, you do not receive a refund for any time that is remaining on your subscription.

How do I cancel my free trial? [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

Follow the instructions for canceling your Avast subscription, which also applies to Avast trial subscriptions.

Disable the Automatic Renewal of your account

There, you have an option called “Automatic renew” which lets you disable automatic renewal. This way, you won’t receive any notification about the upcoming renewal date.

Cancel Your Service Online [Cancel Avast Auto-Renewal Billing Subscription]

If you don’t wish to do anything manually, then you can simply log onto or call its customer support team.

Managing subscriptions via your Avast Account

You can use the following methods for managing subscriptions:

1) Manually add/remove users from a subscription, or change their access level;

2) Automatically remove inactive subscribers and block them from accessing certain features of the product ;

3) Change the expiration date of a subscription so that it will expire at some point in time after its current end-date;

Avast Cancel Subscription from Google Play Store:

Once you receive an answer, please follow the directions provided.

Avast Free Trial Cancellation Instructions [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

To cancel your Avast free trial, log in to your account. On the left side menu, locate the Download section. Select the download you wish to delete. Then press Delete. The file will be deleted immediately after pressing the Delete button.

Cancel Avast License Renewal [Cancel Avast Auto Renewal Billing Subscription]

Avast Turn off Auto-renewal from Avast account for Nexway

Note: If you don’t receive an e-mail, please contact us at [email protected]

Cancel Avast Auto-Renewal Using Your Account Information

If you already purchased avast through the digital river or Nexway then follow the same process but instead of going to manage subscriptions, go directly to your account settings. How to Cancel Avast Subscription in Android smartphones

Tap Clear data/Clear cache.

Go back to the Home screen by tapping the Back key.

Now tap the All apps icon from the home screen.

Select the Avast app and press uninstall option.

You will see an alert that says “Uninstalling”. Tap OK.

After uninstalling the application, open the settings again and select Manage applications.

Find the Avast app and tap clear storage.

How to Cancel Avast Subscription on Apple devices

You can also do that by following these steps.

Tap Apps from the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

The list of apps installed on your device appears.

Find the name of the application with the word “Avast” in it.

Tap the Edit button beside it.

A new window opens where you have to select either Delete or Restore Purchases.

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