10+ [Secret Ways] To Get Real Followers on Pinterest Organically | Best Legit way to grow on Pinterest Followers

10+ [Secret Ways] To Get Real Followers on Pinterest Organically | Best Legit way to grow on Pinterest Followers

If you want to know about how to get real followers on Pinterest organically, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to share with you the best Legit way to grow on Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the best platforms and also a game-changer for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and even large corporations. Many entrepreneurs and bloggers get so much benefit from Pinterest.

Pinterest has over 250 million active user base, which can be the best place for sales, marketing, etc. Total 78 percent say they find brand content useful and 70 percent of Pinners find new brands on Pinterest.

If your Pinterest account’s followers are not increasing, then you have to apply some unique techniques, do not worry; we are here to help you to get more real followers on Pinterest.

So we suggest you read the full article to know all the techniques. Remember, all these techniques are genuine and practically proven.

1.Be Active and Post Regularly

If you want to get followers on any social media platform, you have to be active and upload content consistently, and Pinterest also requires this.

Many people pin irregularly and with low amounts of pins, so this is the main reason people can’t get followers. So If you pin regularly and 10/15 pins per day, then you will get real followers massively.

Do not spam while pinning; we suggest you pin manually. It takes time, but it will give you in return real and genuine followers on Pinterest This is the main key point if you want to grow on Pinterest.

2. Know Who Uses Pinterest.

You have to know who is using Pinterest; then, you can take a good strategy to grow. Do you know the majority of Pinterest users are women, and only 30% of users are men, but this figure is growing? Almost 50% of Pinterest users are live in the US.

Pinterest reaches women aged between 25-54. So these are some facts related to Pinterest, which will help you. You can now plan your strategy, which will be beneficial for your business.

3. Get Real Followers on Pinterest From Your Other Social Media

This method works for everyone who uploads genuine content on any social media platform. If you have any other social media accounts, then you can get real followers on Pinterest through stories, posts, or videos through Facebook, Instagram, telegram, etc.

[Secret Ways] To Get Real Followers on Pinterest Organically | Best Legit way to grow on Pinterest Followers

Some people use this method when they just start a Pinterest account, which will not be beneficial for you, so we suggest you first consistently pin on Pinterest.

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Then create boards properly and share your Pinterest account on other social media. If you follow this rule, then this method will be beneficial for you.

4. Post Quality and Original Content.

Pin regularly on Pinterest is not enough for growing; some people pin regularly, but their quality of pin is not good. This is also the main reason why people cant grow on Pinterest.

You have to post a high-quality pin means you must the title of that pin properly, which looks attractive, the quality of the image you will insert must be good,

You must write a description of the video properly, which must be SEO-friendly. If you post quality pins at least 10 per day, then your Pinterest profile gets real followers.

5. Add Relevant Hashtag and Keyword.

Pinterest is all about discovering. Pinterest is essentially a search engine, so your content must be optimized for discoverability.

If you want your pin to reach more people so you must optimize your post properly. When you set a good title and description, you have to add hashtags and keywords properly because this is the backbone of any social media post.

Your keyword should be relevant to your title and description. If you add any other unrelated hashtag and keyword, then it will be a spam post. Pinterest may not reach this pin to different audiences. So be careful to choose hashtags and keywords.

6. Name Pinterest Board Thoughtfully

Your Pinterest boards must be optimized for search engines. Make sure your all board’s names are accurate and specifically describe their content.

We suggest you use appropriate keywords in the board’s name. It will boost your pin to others. If you add appropriate keywords in the board’s name, then you can increase real followers on Pinterest.

7. Be Helpful and Positive.

Kevin Knight, former head of Agency and Brand Strategy at Pinterest: “Positive sentiment goes a long way in showing how a Pin from your business can help [Pinners] in their lives,”.

Your pin must be a positive pin. It can give you more engagement than others. If you have a brand or you are providing service, make sure you must pin positively, which helps others.

If you apply this technique, then you can get real followers on Pinterest.

8. Publish Pin At Right Time.

This strategy can be a game-changer for you. If you publish quality pins and also the following consistency, but if you do not publish pins at the right time, then it will not benefit as much as you are thinking.

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We have a secret for you that most pinning at midnight and noontime, 11 pm is the most active hour of the day, so if you publish your pin at this time, then you can get more engagement in your Pinterest profile. This trick will help you to get real followers on Pinterest.

9. Schedule Pin In Advance.

If you want to maintain consistency, then you should use this feature. You can schedule your pin in advance.

It will help you to maintain consistency. Many big brands are using this feature when they see an upcoming holiday or festival.

Schedule a pin in advance can increase your brand value on Pinterest. You also apply this technique to get real followers on Pinterest.

10. Hope On The Holiday.

You must be ready before the holiday or festival. It may be a big chance to get massive followers on Pinterest. A holiday like Mother’s Day attracts more than 6 Million users to share gifts and ideas at the event.

Major holidays like Christmas and new year attract 33 million pinners and generate 566 pins every year, and share event ideas and gifts. So keep your eyes on this holiday, and this can be a game-changer if you use this technique properly.

11. Promote Your Pin.

If you have a special social media budget, then you can promote your pin by paying some money on the official site of Business Pinterest.

This is a great way to get more followers on Pinterest. But you have to follow some instructions which we have already given below.

First, you have to choose a pin that performs well and then promotes this pin and targets the audience. Your promoted pin will appear on the home page just like other pines.

This is a genuine and ethical way to get real followers on Pinterest. If you cant afford for paid promotion of your pins, then you can skip this method.

12. Find Your Audience.

Pinterest ad targeting cap [ability allows you to find new audiences based on keyword and interest. It is an excellent way to get to find out who is interested in your brand.

You can know the behavior of the audience so you can publish based on these techniques. Note, Many people are getting followers from third-party websites or agents who are giving these types of services.

So we strongly recommend you don’t use this method to get followers on Pinterest because this is unethical. If you get followers unethically, then Pinterest may ban your Pinterest account. So follow legit ways which we already provided above.

Read More:

1. Create Pins that Direct to Valuable Resources

Businesses should focus on creating blogs and other content that leads to useful resources. Pins that don’t lead to a helpful resource should be removed.

2. Aim to Grow Your Followers and Reach

Having a large number of followers isn’t as important as you might expect. Boards that have less than ten thousand followers generate as much traffic and reputation as those with hundreds of thousands of followers. The key is creating pins that will appeal to people who aren’t already following you. This means posting content that will be interesting to your audience. As you start providing more relevant pins, Pinterest displays them in “Picked For You” more frequently, giving you an opportunity to reach millions.

Pinterest has made it easier to discover what people are interested in by adding a new feature called Interests. Users can now search for different categories such as travel, fashion, technology, etc. By searching for a category, users can see who else is following that category. This helps businesses to better target their ads and reach potential customers.

3. Use Relevant Keywords in Your Board Names

The best way to increase the chances of your pins showing up on Pinterest is to make sure that your board has a great title. If you’re looking to reach people who want travel, then naming your pinboard Travel or Travel Tips will help Pinterest know what you’re talking about. If you try to be clever and name your board “Great Adventures of Willy Wonkas,” your chances of getting pinned are less.

4. Use Several Keywords in Your Pin Descriptions

Pinterest is a social media site where you can share pictures and videos. People use it to plan parties, decorate their homes, and find new recipes. You need to be creative when creating pins because if you don’t include keywords or descriptions, it won’t rank well.

Ensure that you use the same keywords in five or ten different pins as you never know which ones will get higher levels of engagement.

To know what type of words users are searching for on Pinterest, use guided search to assist you. When you type in a word in the main search bar you’ll notice that there are tiles below it. Look for relevant words within that tile that you can put in the pin description.

6. Increase Your Repins and Engagement

Repinning is an important ranking factor on Pinterest. Active users tend to get better results than inactive ones. What’s also interesting about the higher engagement of pins is that it increases your chances of showing up on multiple interest feeds. Let’s say that someone has pinned a photo of an exotic location, and then repinned it again. That pin might appear on the interest feed for both travel tips and backpacking Europe.

7. Join a Group Board

Joining groups boards is a great way to get your pins exposed. You can join any number of group boards, and each board may have different rules and guidelines. Find the right group board to help your pins reach more people.

Group boards are created by people who want to share information about things they’re interested in. You can learn more about them at pingroupie.com.

8. Apply for Rich Pins are pins that contain additional information that helps pins stand out on the pinboard feed. Article rich pins have a favicon next to the article, while product rich pins have a favicon and bolded title. Mobile device rich pins show a favicon next to the article, while desktop rich pins show a favicon and bold title. Bolding titles on rich pins help them stand out on a users’ Pinterest feed, increasing the chance of it being noticed and clicking on.

Rich pins for articles are great because the title and description always show up first. This means that the meta description of the page always shows up first.

Rich pins are a great way to attract high-quality traffic to your website. You must be willing to put in the time and effort to make them happen. Pinterest provides a guide on how to get rich pins.

Using hashtags in Instagram stories

Hashtags are great ways to get your content seen by more people. You can use them on Instagram Stories as well as Instagram photos. Use them directly in your caption, or use sticker packs to make them easier to see.

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4. Steal your competitors’ followers Engaging with your competitors’ audience is an effective way to gain followers. You can use different methods to engage with them such as commenting on their posts or liking their photos.

I ran an informal test by following a close local competitor’s followers. I found out that most of them were happy to follow me back. However, there was a large number who unfollowed me when they saw what I had posted. This means that this strategy won’t work if you post too much.

You should only follow back those who follow you first.

Automation is used by many people to follow the same process as described above. This technique works well when you want to get started quickly without having to spend time researching how to do things manually. However, there are several drawbacks to using automation to grow your business. For example, if you automate too much, then you may end up following the same process over and over again. You also need to be careful about what you’re automating.

Treat Pinterest like a search engine Easy Vegetarian Recipes is a common keyword used by Pinterest users. Users can easily find easy vegetarian recipes using this keyword.

Nursery Decor Pinterest Keywords – List of Potential Two Word Combinations

Nursery Decor Pinterest Keyword Ideas – List of Potential Two-word Combinations

Nursing Decor Pinterest Keyword Suggestions – List of Potential Two-Word Combinations

Treat Pinterest like a search engine

Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Keywords: easy vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes, gluten-free recipes

Nursery Decor Ideas – Pinterest Keywords


I’m already on Pinterest because I heard it’s a good place to promote my store, and that people on Pinterest are more likely to buy, but I’m not sure how to grow my audience there. What are the best ways to organically get more followers on Pinterest?

Answer: There’s a lot of work going into setting up a successful Pinterest account. You need to figure out what types of pins you want to post, how often you’ll be posting, and whether you want to use paid advertising or organic posts. Then, you need to create a strategy to grow your audience by reaching out to other businesses and influencers who might share your interests.

Pinterest Marketing 101 – Tactics for Growth

How many followers should I have?

Having a large number of followers is important, but surprisingly it’s not as important as you might think.

How do I get more followers on Pinterest?

The trick is not to just think about growing your followers but create pins that will reach non-followers on Pinterest.

How do you get people to follow your interests?

You want to have your pins show up on these interest feeds to expose your website to all those people.

What is Pinterest?

It’s more of a discovery tool for inspiration and information.

What are the key SEO tips for Pinterest?

And like a good blog post, each pin that redirects to your website should have 2-3 keywords in its description.

What are the best pin descriptions?

Ensure that you also use the same keywords in 5-10 different pin descriptions as you never know which one is going to get higher levels of engagement and rank higher within search results on Pinterest.

What are the factors that influence your Pinterest search results?

Other factors that influence your search results on Pinterest include who the spinners are and the click-through rates of pins.

What is the travel related to this pin?

That pin may show up on the interest feed for travel tips, backpacking Europe (if the pin is related to Europe), or culture travel.

What are the best images to use for your blog?

If your business doesn’t have a blogging component yet, I strongly encourage you to create one that has pinnable images.

How do I increase my Pinterest pins?

The best way to increase the odds of your pins showing up in the “Picked for You” and on the interest feeds on Pinterest is to ensure that your board has a relevant title.

how to get followers on Pinterest fast

The best way to get followers on Pinterest is to pin high-quality content that your target audience would be interested in. You should also use hashtags for each pin so more people can find it.

how to get followers on Pinterest hack

There are a few ways to get followers on Pinterest. One way is to find and follow people in your niche. Another way is to find and follow people in your niche and share their pins. You can also create boards that will attract an audience with similar interests.

How do you get 1000 followers on Pinterest?

To get 1000 followers on Pinterest, you will need to have a lot of time and patience. You can also promote your account by using different social media platforms.

How do you get 500 followers on Pinterest?

It is possible to get 500 followers on Pinterest by using the following steps. First, create a Pinterest account and fill in all the required information. Then, upload pictures that are relevant to the niche you are interested in, such as fashion or home décor. Next, find other people who have similar interests and follow them. Finally, pin your favorite images from other people’s boards to your own so that they will see you following them and may follow you back.

How do you get 1m followers on Pinterest?

You can get 1 million followers on Pinterest by:

  • Having a great product or service to offer
  • Creating an account that is visually appealing and matches the aesthetic of your target audience
  • Posting content regularly and engaging with other users

Can you buy followers for Pinterest?

You can buy followers for Pinterest, but it is not recommended. Buying followers will only have a negative impact on your account because you are buying fake accounts that will not engage with your content.

Do followers matter on Pinterest?

Yes, followers matter on Pinterest! The more followers you have, the more people will see your pins, which means more likes and shares. You can also use paid advertising to promote your pins.

How does Pinterest go viral?

Pinterest is a site that allows users to share their interests with others. When a user pins something, other users are able to see it and share it with their friends. The more people who share, the more popular the pin becomes.

Can you make money from Pinterest?

Yes, Pinterest can be a great way to make money. You can monetize your account by adding affiliate links to your pins and you can also sell products from your Etsy store.

How do artists grow on Pinterest?

There are several ways that artists grow on Pinterest. They can follow users who have similar interests to their own, they can pin their work to boards that are already popular, and they can get followers by following other artists.

How can I get millions of followers?

You can get millions of followers by posting consistently good content. You’ll need to post often and stay active on social media.

How do I get free Pinterest followers?

There are a few ways to get followers on Pinterest, but the most cost-effective way is to promote your pins. You can do this by using a third-party website called BoardBooster.com. It’s easy and free to sign up and you can promote your pins for as long as you want for just $0.25 per day.

How many followers do you need on Pinterest to make money?

You do not need to have a large number of followers in order to make money on Pinterest. You just need to be able to create content that people will want to pin.

How many monthly viewers is good on Pinterest?

The number of monthly viewers on Pinterest is not as important as the number of people who are following you. The more followers you have, the more people will see your pins and follow you.


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