How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2022

12 Tips to Get More [REAL] Instagram Followers in 2022

Are you searching how to get more Instagram Followers in 2022, You get 12 super special tips on how to increase Real Instagram Followers in your profile in this post.

Instagram Followers in 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today with over 1 billion monthly users. This, obviously, represents a big opportunity for marketers and brands to tap into this user pool.

However, it is not that easy to build your Instagram presence and gain followers overnight. It is a process that takes time, but with a little help, you can see the results faster. Here are 12 tips for getting more Instagram followers that are genuine and relevant for your brand.

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2022:


1.Write a Compelling Bio

The first thing people will read about you on Instagram is your bio. So make sure it’s compelling! You should include some information about yourself, why you started following other accounts, what makes you different from others, and so on.

2.Develop and Maintain a Unique Instagram Brand Personality

Your Instagram feed is the next most important thing that people see when visiting your profile. You must keep your feed consistent with your brand’s personality. Be sure that any photo posted is consistent with your brand’s overall style. People should instantly recognize your brand when they see your posts.

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2022
How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2022

3.Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags allow you to connect with other people in your niche.

You can use hashtags to increase engagement on Instagram.

Hashtags are used to increase visibility on social media platforms. Using them correctly is essential to get more Instagram followers. Research what hashtags are trending in the niche you’re working in and then use them throughout your posts. Mixing up the hashtags is also important to get noticed by other users. Use popular industry-level hashtags as well as niche ones.

4.Create and Promote Your Own Branded Hashtag

Apart from using popular hashtags you can also create and post your own hashtag. This can be specific to your brand, or even a particular campaign you’re promoting. Creating a campaign-specific hashtag helps you improve your Instagram presence and promotes your campaigns. Using a campaign-specific hashtag encourages people to use it in your content. By encouraging users to share your hashtag, you can get them to do some extra work for you. You’ll also get free user-generated content.

5.Optimise Your Captions

Your Instagram captions give you an opportunity to engage your current audience. Use those opportunities to your advantage by asking questions, starting conversations, tagging people, promoting discounts, and telling stories about your photos. More engagement means more chances to gain new followers.

I’m glad you joined this conversation! This is another example of how you can use social media such as Twitter or Facebook to get more followers. You could start a conversation about something interesting and see if others join in. Or maybe you could ask questions about something you’re interested in. Either way, let others know that you’re here.

7.Monitor Your Tagged Photos

Maintain a good reputation by keeping an eye on what people are saying about you. Keep an eye on how many times you’ve been tagged in posts, and make sure those posts are ones you approve of. You can also set up filters so that only approved posts show up in your tagged posts.

8.Get Local

Local hashtags and geotags help businesses get found by people who are looking for them nearby. These strategies also make sure that your business is more visible in the right places. For instance, if you’re trying to sell shoes online, then you should focus on hashtags like shoes or footwear.

Geotag Your Posts

Adding geotags to your photos can help you rank well for local searches on Instagram. You can also attract local people to your Instagram account by posting about places nearby. This makes you appear trustworthy and interesting to locals who might want to follow you.

Use Local hashtags

Local hashtags are used to connect people in a specific place or location. Hashtags allow users to search for content based on location. By following hashtags, users can see what other locals are up to.

9.Add CTAs Everywhere

Instagram provides several options for you to add calls-to-actions in your content and you can use all of them. Whether you’re using stories, your feed, or any other platform, you should always include some sort of call-to-action in every post. You can also encourage people to share your content by adding a simple share button in your caption. In this example, Staples uses an image of a stapler to encourage people to share their content.

10.Leverage Influencers

Influencers are people with a large following who are highly active on social media. They are very influential and can help you reach out to new customers. However, make sure that the influencers are from your niche or related to your business.

Influencer marketing is an effective way to get more followers. Do your research and utilize influencer marketing to broaden your reach.

11.Run a Contest

This might seem like a cheap tactic, but it works well. Many brands and marketers use this strategy and see instant results. You simply run a contest asking people to follow you and then ask them to tag their friends. Write your caption in a way to encourage people to tag only relevant users who might be genuinely interested. Here is an example of how this works and how you can get instant followers by using this tip!

12.Invest in Instagram Ads

Advertising is an important part of growing your Instagram account. When you advertise, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience than before. Your posts won’t show up to as many people as when you’re not using them, but you can still gain new followers.

What hashtags should I use?

Also, remember to mix it up a bit and use popular industry-level hashtags, as well as niche ones for which you can actually stand out.

What is a hashtag?

This could be specific to your brand or even a particular campaign.

What is Instagram Feed?

Your Instagram feed is the next thing that a person who visits your profile will see after your bio.

What is an Instagram bio?

The first thing anyone sees when they visit your profile is your bio and therefore it is a crucial part of making the first impression on your audience.

What Can You Do With Instagram captions?

There’s a lot that you can do with your Instagram captions like tag people, ask questions, start conversations, etc.

What can you do to encourage your audience?

The more you encourage your audience to comment, the more likely it is that they will invite their friends to join in on the discussion.

What are the best ways to get engagement?

Also, remember to tell the story behind the picture or video that you’re sharing as that will get more engagement.


Some of the best ways to increase your Instagram presence include posting pictures frequently, using hashtags, and following other people who post similar content. Posting pictures regularly helps you gain more followers because users want to see new updates. Hashtags also help you gain more followers by allowing people to search for specific topics. Following other people who share similar content increases your visibility.

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