Top 10 Education Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh

Top 10 Education Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh

Education Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh

Do you want to study abroad and search for the top education consultancy firms in Bangladesh? A good education consultancy firm in Bangladesh can help you to study abroad smoothly. Before discussing the top education consultancy firm in Bangladesh, 2022, let’s know shortly about how an education consultancy firm can be helpful for you.

A good education consultancy firm can undoubtedly be your best mentor to study abroad. It will provide you with proper guidelines in every process of studying abroad. They will help you find the best university and course according to your requirements. Besides, a good education consultancy firm will also help you find scholarships and accommodation. Moreover, they will also provide their best help in making applications and visa processing.

Let’s know about the top 10 education consultancy firms in Bangladesh in 2022 according to the student’s choice, visa ratio, their service, and many more.

IDP Education Bangladesh

Are you intended to study in the top countries like Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, or Ireland? These countries usually stay on the top choice of students because of the quality of education, living environment, work permission, and many more. IDP helps students to study in English-speaking countries. IDP is partnered with more than 700 hundred leading universities, institutes, colleges and schools in the mentioned countries.

IDP was established in 1969 and is a publicly listed company on the ASX. They have offices in 30 countries. Their offices are 100, and they have 700 education counsellors worldwide. IDP is a co-owner of IELTS as the British Council jointly owns it IDP. Besides providing you with the best course to study abroad, IDP also helps you take your English language proficiency to another level.

EN Global Education Ltd

Do you want to study in the most preferred study destination-UK? Okay, so for having a smooth journey to study in the UK, you can take help from the EN global education ltd. They are the trusted UK university partner presenting more than 80 top-ranked universities. 

They helped thousands of students successfully enrol in their partnered universities. They have local offices in Dhaka and Sylhet. And internationally, they have offices in Norway, Ireland, Malaysia, the UK, and India. This organization will help you with eligibility checks, scholarships, application and visa processing, managing air tickets, and finding the best accommodation.

Top 10 Education Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh

AIMS Education

AIMS Education is another trustworthy education consultancy firm in Bangladesh. If you are specifically interested in studying in the UK, USA, or Canada, I suggest visiting their office once. In my personal opinion, this student consultancy firm consists of sincere counsellors and experts who will never disappoint you in providing help. They are directly partnered, through partners, and a pathway provider to many UK, USA, and Canadian universities. They have branches in the UK, Morocco, Dhaka, and Sylhet.

The best thing I found about this consultancy firm is their honesty. They don’t show any false hope to grab students. Besides, AIMS Education doesn’t take any service charge for the UK. They will do everything free of cost, from counselling to help you in visa processing. Moreover, other countries like the USA or Canada will take service charge after a student get his visa. They have a satisfactory visa success ratio.

From time to time, AIMS Education arranges many educational fairs and expos. Visit them to learn more about this educational consulting firm. They gave a strong team with in-house education experts.To help a student with accommodation in the UK, AIMS Education has a partnership with Amberstudent- a private accommodation provider in the UK.

AHZ Associates

AHZ association is another remarkable UK university representative. They provide free application processing and free counselling. Their head office is in the UK. Besides, they have many global branches. This consultancy firm provides high-quality marketing services to prospective students to study in the UK

AHZ associates have a partnership with Casita that provides international students with cost-effective accommodation services. They arrange many educational expos and fairs throughout the year to help prospective students find their best fit.

BSB Global Network

BSB global is the leading international and national student consultancy firm in Bangladesh. They help students to study in more than 30 countries around the world. This student consultancy firm has over 23 sister concerns institutes. They are also a very reliable and leading student consultancy firm in Bangladesh. They help students reach their targeted study destinations in a hazardless way.

Sunrise Education Consultant

Sunrise Education Consultant is another well-known student consultant firm in Bangladesh. They support students studying abroad in Canada, Germany, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and the USA. Its main mission is to supply the top service to overseas education aspiring students.

Career Path

The Career path is another trusted and helpful student consultancy firm in Bangladesh. It has been providing successful quality service since 2007. The Career Path has the most trusted partnership with renowned universities in 20+ countries worldwide. It has a very successful visa success ratio. So if you are interested in studying abroad and want to know the facilities of every country before choosing one, I would like to suggest to career path once to make a successful study abroad journey.

Global Immigration Consultants Ltd

Global Immigration Consultants is another popular student consultancy firm in Bangladesh. They have offices in Dhaka, Chittagong, United Kingdom, Singapore, UAE, and Australia. Besides helping students study overseas, they also provide applicants support for immigration, tourist visa, student visa, and medical tourism.

PEC Education

PEC Education’s consultants are very cordial in providing free counselling and guidance to the international Bachelor’s and Master’s degree aspiring students. They assist students in studying in the USA and Canada without any service charge. PEC Education also helps students study in Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands. PEC Education offers many English language courses like PTE and IELTS.

HBD Services Bangladesh

HBD Services is another fast-growing student consultancy firm in Bangladesh. It is the authorized representative of many prestigious Australian and Canadian universities. They also provide great care to the overseas aspiring students to have a smooth journey to study abroad.


Q. How can I find the best education consultancy firm?

ANS: There are many education consultancy firms available to study abroad. To know about the best one, you must ask the students who are already studying abroad through a student consultancy firm. Besides, you can go through their website, attend the education event or expo they organize and be more assured to visit their office and talk to the education experts. By talking face to face, you can understand things more clearly.

Q. What types of services a student consultancy firm can offer me?

Ans- A student consultancy firm can offer you multiple services. They can help you find the best university and courses in application making, visa processing, etc. Besides, they will help you in every process to study abroad. Furthermore, a good student consultancy firm will be in touch with you even after reaching your desired study destination.

Q. How do I apply for a student visa?

Ans- To apply for a student visa, first, you must check your eligibility. After that, you should select a country, university, and course you are interested in. Then you need to make an application to the university and get an offer letter from them. In the process, there are some required documents that you must provide. After that, apply for a visa. Sometimes, these processes become extremely complicated. So take an expert education consultant’s help and fly to your desired country.

Q. How does an Education consultancy firm’s process work?

Ans- Generally, all education consultancy firms will help you find the best country and university according to your fit. But the process of each consultancy firm is different. Some will be sincere as well as cordial. On the other hand, some will be extremely commercial. The best advice is to visit their offices and talk directly to the counsellors. It would be best if you find the students who have taken their help. 

Q. Can a student consultancy firm help me in getting more scholarships?

Ans- Basically, an education consultancy firm can offer you a partial scholarship when you apply through them. Besides, the percentage of scholarships you will get will depend on your result.

Q. Can a consultancy firm help me to study abroad without any English tests?

Ans- If you intend to study in an English- speaking country, you must take an English language test. It’s mandatory. Moreover, few universities may take MOI or offer a chance to enroll without an IELTS. But most of the university’s entry requirements are a good English language score. So visit a student consultancy firm to learn more.

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