Download TextNow 2022 TextNow MOD APK {Premium Unlocked}

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you txt now It is an international telephone communication application by obtaining from the application an American number that you specify in order to be able to communicate with many friends abroad and send text messages to many other smart phones outside the borders of the country. Therefore, by downloading TextNow, you can get the American number for free without entering or Registration in the application, but the application is prohibited for many Arab countries and many numbers that belong to a particular country, so you can Download TextNow The method is easy, simple and not complicated at all

This is through the simple interface of the TextNow program, which is easy, which distinguishes this application and makes it different from other applications. In addition, the TextNow application is characterized by providing the English language so that you can deal with the application without facing any problem, in addition to the possibility of downloading TextNow for free without paying any subscriptions. Whether monthly or otherwise, you can get an American number, add a lot of friends to it, and use it for life. This differs from other similar applications that give you a number for a specific time and then require a payment of money so that you can use the number and this is not a good way at all after downloading TextNow Program.

Features of TextNow 2022 TextNow MOD APK

  • You can through Download TextNow Making international calls without paying any money, and this is by obtaining an American or Canadian number and making calls with a pure voice and high quality, and specific minutes are not specified, but you can communicate with people in an open time, and all this is done for free for life without paying money, through the use of an application Text Now.
  • Download TextNow The ability to create conversations and chat with friends and make international calls, so it is classified as one of the best social networking programs that have received the attention of many people, which is characterized by the security of all user data and the ability to create phone calls to more than one person when downloading TextNow.
  • One of the most important features also within the Text Now application is to send audio files and images to people within the conversation, as it is an application txt now It has the ability to send large and small files to people within the conversation.
  • You can protect your data from within the TextNow application and this is through the availability of a security lock within the privacy of the application, so you can create a lock for all the calls that you make and this is through a code consisting of four numbers so that you can use the application and make calls with ease.
  • Download TextNow With this application, you can earn a lot of money. This is by watching ads and earning coins through which you can make international calls. There are many tasks that you perform so that you can earn money and pay for phone calls.

How to download TextNow TextNow MOD APK on your Android phone

There is a Text Now application that is banned in some Arab countries, but we do not know the reason for this and it is available in some other countries. You can easily download it from the store Google Play Whether you search for it in Arabic or English

You will see the search result, install the application or download by pressing the application icon

After completing the download and installation process, allow the permissions to download the application on your smartphone. And use it with ease

TextNow 2022 TextNow- TextNow 2023 TextNow

How to download textnow For iPhone TextNow MOD APK

A copy is available TextNow Inside the App Store. And you can download it easily by entering the search engine and typing the name of the application, whether in Arabic or English.

You will see the search result, click on the word “Install” inside the application. And then wait a little while until the installation process is completed.

After that, click on the word open after the application appears on the main screen and use the application with ease.

How to create an account within TextNow 2023 TextNow MOD APK

  • When finished Download TextNow It will show you the main destination of the program, enter it. And press the word sign up and get a free phone number and then wait to enter the next page in order to create the account.
  • On the registration page, you will be asked to enter your e-mail, create a password, and click on the word create an account.
  • Then, a code will be sent to you for the country in which you live, and then press continue.
  • Downloading TextNow will ask you several numbers for you to choose from.
  • With this, the account creation process is completed and you can start using it. And enjoy the American or Canadian number that you have obtained. The application will offer you to publish your new number on the Facebook platform if you want to agree with yes or no.
  • You must allow all the permissions it asks for you within the application TextNow.

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