Art Marketing | How To Effectively Promote Your Art in 2021

Art Marketing: How To Effectively Promote Your Art in 2021

Art Marketing: Art and design are challenging fields, especially in 2021, when all young artists are promoting on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. There are still a lot of opportunities to promote yourself and your art!

A marketing funnel to promote and market yourself is a powerful tool for landing a job or becoming a full-time artist, whether you’re selling paintings, digital illustrations or just trying to get a job. What are the steps to creating an effective marketing platform that sells for you? What matters has been broken down as follows:

Creating a strong online presence

Untapped Potential of Social Media Marketing

The Best Way To Create Content That Matters

By doing these three things, you will be able to change your career, unlike any “get-rich-quick” schemes you’ve seen on YouTube. In the next few weeks, and even months, you should focus on these steps so you can build a platform that sells your art for you.

Creating an Online Presence

As an artist, you need a website, social media accounts, and meaningful content. 

One of the most important tasks an artist can accomplish is to build an online presence. If you want to promote your name further, you need to get the foundation right before you do any marketing campaigns. Let’s walk through the elements of a perfect online presence and persona designed to promote your portfolio, store, or art.

Your Website: Traditional or a CMS? 

Here’s The Answer.

You should build a portfolio or website to show off your artwork if you haven’t done so already. A personal presence on the web provides you with many benefits, not to mention credibility, and is an essential step to gaining clients.

There are many ways to build a website when first building your online presence. We have seen Pixpa as a favorite among artists since it was designed especially for them. You could also build a site from scratch or use WordPress, but we recommend you stay away from those options unless you are technically inclined. We would also avoid Wix since we’ve found that it doesn’t optimize well for SEO, which means if you are planning to expand your reach on Google and improve user experience, one of the other options would be better.

Online Branding & Social Accounts That Will Give You a Heads Up.

Building the perfect online presence requires getting on all the social media sites! It is a good idea to create social accounts, even if you don’t post on them, to increase your presence for people searching on those platforms or Google. However, before you do so, you should first brainstorm your brand and style for your social media accounts and website. 

For your website and social media platforms, the user experience is more important than ever. Having a strong online presence will not only help you attract clients and buyers but also increase your online following in general.

There are tons and tons of social accounts in the art world (which you probably already know about) such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. In addition to these three accounts, you should also create an account on Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, Behance, and even TikTok. 

Getting registered on these platforms and posting a post there will instantly raise your presence, and if you can post weekly or monthly on all of them that is amazing for your reach!

art Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that social media is important today, but every artist has an Instagram account and it’s harder than ever to stand out.

It’s important to follow social media best practices, but how can you quickly grow your social media following beyond the simple things?

You can gain more followers and engagement by taking advantage of the following three untapped opportunities:

Use Events & Hashtags To Your Advantage

Posting about events is a great way to get an instant boost in followers and likes. Are you using hashtags profitably if you are?

There is a need to research hashtags and events to find out which ones are ‘profitable’ – meaning they have low competition, but high engagement. There are four major art events on social media that will boost your following almost immediately: Inktober, #PortfolioDay, November, and Mermay. 

And there’s, even more, all made specifically for artists to promote their work!

Proper research is the key to promoting your artwork with hashtags. There is no need to add the top hashtags that everyone uses. It would be best if you considered good hashtags. Our definition of profitable keywords is low-competition high engagement hashtags that will drive followers to your account. Here are the best ways to find hashtags that will increase your engagement and follower count:

If you are searching for your niche (art, painting, sculpture, graphic design, etc. ), click on base keywords relevant to your niche.

Browse the posts showing for that seed hashtag and click on each post to find other hashtags artists in your industry are using.

See how many posts are on that hashtag, as well as any other stats you can find for it on that social media pl Check the recent posts for engagement and how often they are posttests are posted to that hashtag. You want hashtags that get low amounts of postings (which depends on the platform, but 20,000-100,000 posts on Instagram are typically a good range) and aren’t filled with huge accounts but have posts with around 100 likes on them.

Go back to step 1 and repeat!

There you go! 

While there are more ways to find good hashtags for each social platform, these are the primary steps you’ll need to take to find good hashtags.

Use Social Media Tools To Make Life Easy

It is often overlooked how important it is to set up a tool for scheduling posts and engaging with other users. The best way to reach your audience is by posting consistently, and planning ahead is easy. Aside from posting at the best times, you will also be able to see how your followers interact with your posts.

Most artists online don’t automate their social media accounts, which means it’s a great way to promote yourself and create the best possible account. This is an awesome article listing out my favorite Instagram automation tools. From scheduling posts at the most convenient times to following similar users and liking their posts, these tools can do just about anything. If used responsibly, these tools can help grow your business. 

Although you will still need to create content to schedule out and promote your posts when they go live.

Try Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media is another option for promotion. All of us have seen advertisements on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and the like.  Facebook, for example, makes it relatively easy to advertise online. Here is more information about running Facebook ads. 

Why don’t we use those same powers to promote your art! The downside appears to be the expense, but even with $5, you can run an Instagram campaign to gain followers and clients.

Instagram is best suited for artists, according to our experience. Advertising on social media is all about experimentation, so you will want to test out different images, copies, and artworks for your ads!

How To Create Content That Matters

The focus on content that matters is an important mindset shift for promoting your artwork in 2021. Online content is usually low-effort and uninteresting. To be a successful artist, you have to create content that matters. 

Documenting your creative process is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. GaryVee, a famous entrepreneur, gives his best advice here. 

Why aren’t you documenting all of these brainstorming sessions, purchases of equipment, and art creations?

How To Document Your Process

All you need to do is switch your phone to recording mode and you are halfway there! Documenting your creative process is an easy way to create content that will help you promote your art online. 

You are most likely to be able to use your phone if you’re reading this. Talking about how you create art and what you do to create it is something you can record. An actual recording of you creating art (time-lapse can be a great tool for this! ), or even advice on other aspects of being an artist, such as your favorite equipment or just your lifestyle (the anxieties and joys of being an artist)!

You can upgrade your set-up with a tripod for your phone or an actual camera that will record in more professional quality and have more settings. Once you have recorded or photographed your process, you should import it into Photoshop or a video editing program (we prefer Adobe Premiere, but iMovie and Microsoft Movie Maker work great too). Play around with the software and settings to get your video and pictures to your desired state for posting. By presenting your work in visual storytelling, you will not only boost views, but you will also gain genuine fans who will share and like your posts.

The post What You Love

You should aim to find your audience. Your posts must be meaningful to you if you hope to achieve that. That doesn’t mean it will be all fun and no work, but that you actually care about what you write about. If you have no interest in what is popular, don’t post it. People know and connect to people who share the same interests. There are times when Gartner attracts a quicker audience because it is passionate and looking for that content.

As CEO of Goldspot Pens, I have found that producing YouTube videos to promote fountain pens is a great way to gain exposure online. Fountain pens have a relatively small but extremely passionate following of collectors who use them to write down their thoughts and passions. We would have struggled to grow our following if we had opted for the broader niche of writing or drawing.

Therefore, it is important to tweet about what you are passionate about, find the right audience, and not just follow popular trends.

Post Consistently

You’ve heard it before, but it doesn’t change the importance of posting consistently on social media platforms. It is evident that YouTube posts daily or at least weekly tend to have a bias. Quality is important when it comes to building up an authentic audience, but you can’t avoid it: you have to post consistently. See if you can get your content down to once a week or once every two weeks if you are creating longer, resource-intensive content.

 In reality, this is the case. The post frequency most conducive to an increase in engagement on social media is as follows. We have experts from US essay writers who can assist with content if needed. These are best practices, but you don’t have to follow them (do whatever you can manage to do!).

YouTube videos should be posted once a week.

Instagram posts once a day or twice a week.

Post two to three times daily on stories (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat).

Post on Facebook once a day or once every two days.

A weekly Pinterest post is recommended.

There are a few things you can do to increase how much your content will be promoted by the platforms for you. It is important to avoid analysis paralysis and not posting at all if you don’t have the time or create long-form content! The most important thing in creating online content for promotion is to create content!


Therefore, you shouldn’t be intimidated by promoting yourself. As long as you dedicate time each week to building your online presence and content, you will grow with time and experience. We will teach you the ropes of Youtube, Instagram, hashtags, and start developing your own promotion strategies tailored to your industry.

You will learn how to promote your art better if you start promoting it. We hope these three suggestions will give you a starting point for launching your career and for gaining experience in online marketing. Keep a positive attitude.

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